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Our team at Corridor Mining is steadfast in delivering sustainable, imaginative, and efficient engineering solutions tailored to our communities' needs..

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What we do

Corridor Mining Ltd activities

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    Consultancy Services

    With our team of experienced professionals, we provide strategic advisory services to guide clients through every stage of the mining process.

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    Exploration Services

    Corridor Mining conducts comprehensive exploration services to identify and assess potential mining sites, utilising advanced techniques to uncover hidden reserves.

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    Mineralogy and Petrography

    Our specialised services in mineralogy and petrography ensure accurate assessment and characterisation of mineral resources.

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    Exploitation Services

    We specialise in optimising the exploitation of mineral resources through efficient and environmentally conscious methods.

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    Dredging Services

    Our dredging services are tailored to efficiently extract sediment and debris from water bodies, ensuring navigability, flood control, and environmental preservation.

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    State-of-the-Art Machinery

    Corridor Mining is equipped with the latest machineries and technologies to streamline mining operations and maximise efficiency.

What we use

Our Machinery

  • Large Truck

    Large Truck

  • Jazzy Elite Construction Shopping Center

    Blast Hole Drill

  • Jazzy Elite Construction Shopping Center

    Bucket Wheel Excavator

  • Jazzy Elite Construction Shopping Center


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About us

Get to know us

Corridor Mining, a subsidiary of Backbone Infrastructure Nigeria Limited (BINL), is dedicated to advancing the mining sector in Nigeria and beyond. As a Special Purpose Vehicle under BINL, our mission is to revolutionise the mining industry by providing comprehensive services across the entire spectrum of mineral extraction and exploration.

Our Vision

At Corridor Mining, we envision a future where sustainable mining practices drive economic growth and development in Nigeria and the other countries where we operate. Our vision is to be leaders in modern and ethical mining; leveraging cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships to unlock the full potential of the mining sector.

Truth in engineering

Our team is responsible for the best construction

Our team

With a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation, Corridor Mining is poised to lead the way in transforming the mining landscape. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of Nigeria's mineral wealth and drive sustainable development for generations to come.

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