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About us

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Corridor Mining, a subsidiary of Backbone Infrastructure Nigeria Limited (BINL), is dedicated to advancing the mining sector in Nigeria and beyond. As a Special Purpose Vehicle under BINL, our mission is to revolutionise the mining industry by providing comprehensive services across the entire spectrum of mineral extraction and exploration.

Our Vision

At Corridor Mining, we envision a future where sustainable mining practices drive economic growth and development in Nigeria and the other countries where we operate. Our vision is to be leaders in modern and ethical mining; leveraging cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships to unlock the full potential of the mining sector.

Why Choose Us

Efficient Resource Extraction

  • ⁠Ecologically
  • ⁠Efficiently
  • Humanely

Always Aiming for the Best

We make sure everything we do is done really well, focusing on getting the best results. Finding new opportunities we use the latest methods to find and use untapped minerals, opening up new possibilities.

Unique Projects

Our projects are special because we mix new ideas with tried-and-true methods. Simple and effective we make our mining work easy to use and effective, putting our users first. Choose Corridor Mining for mining work that’s smart, done well, and easy to use.

Excellence in Every Step

Our focus is on doing everything with the highest quality, from start to finish, aiming for the best in everything we do. Unlocking hidden gems With cutting-edge technology, we find and utilize hidden mineral resources, bringing new opportunities to light.

Projects That Stand Out

Our projects are unique because we creatively combine the latest innovations with proven methods.

Extensive Expertise

With a profound grasp of industry intricacies, we adeptly apply our knowledge to pioneer effective solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We've got answers! Explore our FAQs to find solutions to common queries about Corridor Mining and our services. If your question is not covered here, feel free to reach out to us. We're always happy to assist you.

With a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation, Corridor Mining is poised to lead the way in transforming the mining landscape. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of Nigeria's mineral wealth and drive sustainable development for generations to come.

We prioritize environmental sustainability through various measures such as reclamation of mined areas, water conservation practices, implementation of advanced technology to reduce emissions and waste, and adherence to strict regulatory standards.

Yes, we offer comprehensive exploration services using advanced techniques to identify and assess potential mining sites. Our experienced team conducts thorough evaluations to determine the viability and potential of each site.

We provide a wide range of state-of-the-art mining equipment for lease, including excavators, bulldozers, haul trucks, drills, and more. Our equipment is meticulously maintained and updated to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Absolutely, we offer consultancy services tailored to guide clients through every stage of the mining process. Our team of experienced professionals provides strategic advisory services covering exploration, planning, production, environmental compliance, and more.